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Answer: Not necessarily. If you do consistently maintain it, and there are no deep stains or odors you're looking remove, such as pet stains, grease stains, juice spills, food stains, heavy foot traffic etc, then there's a good possibility that a professional steam cleaning would suffice and do a great job on your carpets. It is a really effective cleaning method that, in conjunction with the hot water extraction method, really sucks out a lot of dirt, dust and grime from the padding and the floor of the carpet, thus ridding you of the dust particles and the many dust mites and various other allergens that get stuck down there.

However, sometimes a DIY carpet cleaning maintenance does not really get the desired effect. That mainly stems from below par machines, which instead of extracting the dust and grime from the carpet, just push it further down towards the floor of the carpeting. If you clean your carpets and find it looking bad again in a matter of days, it's probably because some of the dust and dirt from the floor of the carpeting keep resurfacing. If that is the case you'll probably need a professional deep cleaning to eliminate that problem. Don't worry though, Carpet cleaning Newton MA uses Eco - friendly safe products!

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Answer: Absolutely! First off, let us clarify that the wide array of services we provide our customers are all based on Eco - friendly, non - toxic, green cleaning products. That means yourself, your family, your cat or dog, your baby, will all be perfectly safe to be around the house while and after the cleaning service. Now, regarding the odor removal. We're quite good at it! Our techniques and Enzyme based cleaning products completely dissolves the proteins in the pet urine which in turn completely eliminates the stain and mainly the odors. That is an important step in your puppy's training. Now that she's older and capable of not going indoors, it's important that she doesn't continue picking up the scent of her past accidents, or she might repeat them out of the force of habit. UCM Services Newton can help you make sure of that!

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